Fungal toenail infection signs you should never ignore – oozing fluids and pain

Having a toe infection is far from fun, considering how much time we spend on our feet.

Infections often start off small but can quickly become a major nuisance, leading to potential serious health problems.

A toe infection may be attributed to a number of causes such as an injury, another medical condition, a microorganism or simply the way the toes have naturally grown.

Research finds that 20% of people who see a doctor about foot problems are related to ingrown or infected toenails.

The cause for major nail infections often comes down to fungus.

Fungus infections are very common among those aged over 60 with around 75% having the problem.

Fungal nail infections are not only reserved for your toenails – they may infect fingernails too.

Leaving your infected toenail untreated could cause the infection to spread.

When an infection reaches underlying bone, it can also cause a serious bone infection.

Toe infection signs

According to La Sante Health Center, other warning signs indicating an infected toe include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain at contact
  • Foul odours
  • Pressure
  • Bleeding
  • Throbbing
  • Oozing fluids
  • Warmth
  • Pus-filled abscess
  • Inflamed tissues
  • Thick, cracked, yellowing nails.

Diabetes warning

Those with type 2 diabetes are far more likely to get a fungal infection, with changes such as yellowing and brittle nails.

A serious fungal infection left over time could cause permanent damage to the nails and even cause them to fall off.

The infection is also known to spread to deeper tissues and bone, which could result in amputation.

When to see a doctor

Anytime you think you have a fungal nail infection, or any nail problem, and treating it at home doesn’t help, see your foot doctor.

Fungal nail infections are known to get worse over time quickly, and therefore the sooner you go, the sooner a professional can help.

If your nails turn brown or black, are suddenly very painful or if the nail has begun to pull away from the nail bed, see a doctor immediately.

For diabetics, if your toenails have changed even just a little, see your doctor right away.


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