Germany wants a financial help when you stop Smoking

The majority of Germans is in favour of financial support for tobacco cessation. The findings of a study by the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf, which is now in the Online edition of the "The British Medical Journal" appeared.

Smoking is harmful to health and causes many diseases. The cost for the treatment of this consequence of the statutory health insurance bears the appearances in Germany. For weaning smokers have to pay yourself. The would like many citizens, apparently, is different: In a survey of 2.087 persons aged 14 years and over 52 percent of the participants stated that the nicotine cessation for every smoker should be free to be accessible. A quarter of the respondents was undecided, however, the remaining were, or wanted to make any disclosures.

The Team of Sabrina Kastaun, and Professor Daniel Kotz wanted to know which approaches will encounter when you stop Smoking the most popular in the population. In addition to the complete financing of the cessation for all Concerned, the scientists also asked about three other options: the costs for smokers with chronic physical Suffering, reimbursement for Dependent with mental Suffering and the provision of funds to train medical staff in the advice. More than two-thirds of the survey participants (68 percent), and to support the chronically ill smokers to Quit. In the case of Dependent with mental illness, only 50 percent were for the reimbursement of costs. Training for medical staff should be paid from the point of view of 62 percent of the respondents, the community of solidarity.

So far, the medical support is excluded in the smoke stop of the reimbursement through the statutory health insurance. Such funds are among the excluded Drugs, medical AIDS, in its application according to social law, only an increase in the quality of life is in the foreground. "The data from the study show that this clause sollte&quot be abolished in the code of social law from seeking a medical point of view necessarily;, the study call for authors.