How A Nutritionist Beats A Sick Day

Nose running faster than an Olympian right now? We hear you – colds are crappy AF. And there’s only so much Netflix you can watch while curled up on the couch surrounded by tissues and Dairy Milk. That’s why we asked Sydney nutritionist Teresa Boyce for her power-through checklist. Here, how to battle your winter sick days like a boss.

Prioritise protein

“Amino acids are essential for building antibodies (immune cells) – look to protein heavyweights like fish, chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, quinoa and legumes. Meanwhile, bright vegies (think: pumpkin, red and yellow capsicum, carrot, sweet potato) pack vitamins A and C, both vital for the functioning of our immune cells. My mum’s chicken-vegetable soup recipe is always a sick day favourite! My body feels healthier and nourished after eating it.”

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Downsize portions

“My appetite isn’t great when I’m unwell, so I tend to go for smaller servings of soups and stews based around vegies and protein – comforting, easy to eat and nutrient dense. Listen to your body and eat whatever you’re craving and can stomach.”

Go for garlic

“When I’m sick, I mindfully increase my fluid intake and sip on herbal tea and juices packed with seasonal vegies, ginger, lemon and garlic. Garlic’s a super herb that contains the potent compound allicin – this immune-boosting nutrient displays anti bacterial and anti viral activity.”

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Love your gut

“I’ll increase the dose of my probiotic supplement to boost the good bacteria in my gut. Probiotics are also found in fermented foods and natural yogurt. The gut is our body’s first line of defence against pathogens.”

Rest and recharge

“There’s a saying in naturopathic nutrition when you’re feeling unwell: ‘hide, be quiet, sleep, don’t eat’. We heal best when we sleep and fast – this could be one of the reasons why appetite is often lacking when we’re fighting a cold or flu. Listen to your body and don’t force yourself to eat if you’re not hungry. For a speedy recovery, the best thing is to go to bed, shut it down and sleep.”

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