Joe Simpson Learned to 'Power Through' His Cancer Recovery for Daughters Jessica and Ashlee

Two years after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Joe Simpson is in remission but still dealing with the effects of the disease.

The 60-year-old father to Jessica and Ashlee Simpson has to manage his fatigue levels throughout the day.

“The biggest part is because I don’t have testosterone, I don’t have energy,” he tells Ashlee in a clip from Sunday’s episode of ASHLEE+EVAN. “So you just have to power through.”

Joe learned in May 2017 that he was in remission after completing radiation treatments and undergoing surgery. But he almost didn’t make it there.

“A year ago changed my life. I remember saying to the doctor, what if I don’t have surgery. He said, ‘In six months you’ll be dead,’ ” Joe said.

He somberly tells Ashlee that he seriously considered skipping the surgery.

“You know, I really wrestled with just saying, ‘I’ll see you guys later,’ ” he admitted to a tearful Ashlee.

“[It was] definitely not that time, I am not ready for that,” she told him.

“I couldn’t do that to you and your sister, and to my little grandbabies,” Joe said.

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And he’ll soon have another grandbaby to dote on, with Jessica announcing on Tuesday that she’s pregnant with her third child, a girl.

Ashlee told her father that he’s “so strong, and I’m just so happy you’re here.”

“I’m not that strong,” he responded, joking, “I’m just a good liar.”

ASHLEE+EVAN airs Sunday at 10 p.m., on E!

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