Lindy Klim Shares How She's Dealing With The Pressure To "Bounce Back" After Childbirth

We had a chance to catch up with Bali based model and fashion designer, Lindy Klim, while she was in town for the Portsea Polo as a guest of Stella Artois.

The stylish mum-of-four shared how she’s feeling after the birth of daughter Goldie late last year, her relaxed food philosophy and the struggle to strive for work/life balance. 

You’ve recently shared on Instagram about how you’re in no rush to “bounce back” after giving birth, what do you think about the pressure on new mums to return to their pre-baby body?

I definitely feel that there is some added pressure to compare yourself to others due to social media, such as Instagram, but only if you allow it to. My mantra is – just remember, things are not always as it seems.

How has your relationship with your body changed as you’ve gotten older?

I have so much more appreciation for my body and for what it can do. I am definitely a lot kinder to myself and am so grateful I could give birth at 40! I am taking it one day at a time as Goldie is so young and I am so tired!

What’s your favourite way to work out? Did it change during pregnancy and postpartum, how?

I love to work out and to feel fit and healthy! I go to a gym in Bali called Motion Fitness, and I concentrate on classes in cardio, pilates, and barre. I feel that because it’s based in Bali we are fortunate enough to have trainers from all over the world share top secrets with us. While I was pregnant I had terrible morning sickness and did not train at all except for the occasional pilates class. I feel that this was my first lesson in parenthood about letting go and acceptance.

What’s the best health or fitness tip anyone has ever given you?

To be honest I’m not sure if I have any but I guess my own advice would be is to always be moving, keep moving. Walk to work if you can, take the stairs – it all adds and matters down the line to your overall health and wellbeing.

What does your day on a plate look like?

I’ve always enjoyed to eat healthy food and I also never deny myself something that I’m craving. It’s important to me to have a healthy relationship with food. I start the day with porridge or bircher muesli followed by a power smoothie for lunch and then a healthy dinner of grilled fish or chicken and salad. On the weekends, I have a much more relaxed approach as we dine out a lot in Bali, enjoying the weekends with friends.

How do you strive for work/life balance as a busy mum?

To be honest I’m still trying to find this balance myself as I answer these questions! I’m balancing a newborn in one hand and I’m typing with the other! My advice would be, to make sure you’re surrounded by a great support system. Rely on friends and family for help whenever you can and don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Do you have any advice/words of wisdom for young women looking to launch their own business?

My advice would be just start and keep going and never stop. I personally have so much fear sometimes and I’m not sure what I’m doing, but thankfully I have a great group of friends and a partner that support my every move.

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