My day on a plate: Joel Creasy

Comedian, Joel Creasy, 27 shares his day on a plate.

Joel Creasy

10am Throw out last night's pizza box en route to a cafe for a long black plus avocado, eggs and feta on toast, with a side of hash browns.

11.30am Head to the gym. I have another coffee while I train. 1pm Leave the gym and question why I bother going as I hate all forms of physical exercise. I get a fruit juice on my way home.

2pm Lunch is leftovers: usually pizza. If not, I will just sit on social media and self-loathe for a few hours, which tends to fill me up.

4pm Pre-show snacking on whatever's around: almonds, fruit and chips.

7.30pm Dinner in my dressing room: tonight is a chicken dish with a side of vegetables from the cast cafeteria. I eat while watching the monitor backstage to see if there are any hotties in my audience.

8.30pm Several bottles of wine in the theatre's bar. At home, I cook a healthy meal, and make a chocolate thickshake.

11pm Pretend we aren't going to order a pizza, but do.

Dr Jo McMillan says:

Top marks for … Cooking at home at least a little, so you know what you're eating: the quality of the oil, salt levels and so on. I

f you keep eating like this … You'll get away with it while young, but it will catch up with you. Too many pizzas and packets of chips are likely to lead to weight gain over time, too much alcohol damages the liver, plus you're missing out on the protective effects that a wide variety of plant foods delivers.

Why don't you try … Making breakfast at home and adding vegies such as mushrooms, asparagus, spinach or tomato to your eggs. Swap the juice for a vegie and fruit smoothie. Skip the late-night eating and have at least a 12-hour fast overnight.

Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst will host the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest from Portugal on SBS from May 9 to 13.

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