Plastic surgeon says: So much truth in the movie “miracle”

The movie “miracle” tells the story of “Auggie”. The Boy is wearing a astronaut’s helmet, in order not to be stared at because of his deformity in the face. The plastic surgeon Travis Tollefson explains, how true the story is – and what he learned from the movie.

Auggie, severe Facial deformities born to be a small Hero of the film "Wunder" (Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson), the on 25. January in German cinemas started, can open in the opinion of a surgeon, the eyes of many people – for a view of the Different. “Auggie is the total sum of the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of each child, classified as different,” writes Travis Tollefson, a specialist in plastic and accident surgery at the University of California in the US medical journal “Jama”. The doctor has operated on many children like Auggie.

27 operations – to breathe,to swallow, to blink

The main character in the movie and in the eponymous children’s book-a Bestseller by R. J. Palacio has a rare genetic disorder, Treacher-Collins syndrome, the most severe malformations of the head and neck. The flash is clever Auggie has 27 surgeries, when he visited as a fifth-grader for the first time, a school, and was promptly the target of teasing and ungeniertem Gestarre. When he finally finds a friend who asks him if he had already thought about plastic surgery. Auggie answers: “Hello? This is after plastic SURGERY.“

dpa This scene meet pretty much the point, says Tollefson. Because in the case of the operations for the affected children, it is not the fact that you looked after perfectly, or even inconspicuous. Rather, that you breathe, swallow, eat, hear, blink, or her face could move. The number of 27 major and minor operations, in order to allow these features, is quite realistic, says the doctor.

“It’s a mask”

In the Film, the young actor Jacob Tremblay, a facial prosthesis and Makeup. The look on the first glance, to be relatively real, but the face of any and all agility and expression ability, so Tollefson is missing. “It’s a mask.” On an encounter with Treacher-Collins patients in the real life of the Film prepare, therefore, not really.

The syndrome, with about one in 50 000 children comes to the world, belongs to the rare diseases. The gene defect prevents the bones and different tissues to develop normally. The Deformation occurs in varying degrees manifestations of the face, head and neck, other parts of the body are not affected. Also, the intelligence of the children is usually completely normal.

The Film shows how these children of the world have to struggle

“As a face – and a trauma surgeon, I got used me by means of patient visits and operations step-by-step to otherness, but 'Wunder' I did not made it clear that I had yet to experience this truly internalized,“ admits the doctor. The story would have shown him how these children with a world would have to struggle, the problems with “otherness”. And what art it is, at the same time reflects, and to remain empathic towards all those from whom they, because of their Outer be evaluated.