Researcher from The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to receive DeNovix Platinum Edition CellDrop

DeNovix Inc. is pleased to announce the winner of the Platinum Edition CellDrop Giveaway: Dr. Christina Roark from The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, USA! Selected at random from thousands of entries from scientists worldwide, the CellDrop will be housed in Dr. Roark’s lab in the Allergy and Clinical Immunology Division in the Department of Medicine.

Image Credit: DeNovix Inc. 

CellDrop Automated Cell Counters feature unique DirectPipette™ technology, a novel sample loading method that eliminates the need for disposable plastic slides typically required for routine cell counting. The unique Platinum Edition CellDrop celebrates the instrument’s Platinum Seal of Quality recognition by SelectScience.

We’re thrilled that Dr. Roark was selected as our contest winner. After meeting her on zoom, we could tell that the Platinum CellDrop would be in good hands. We’re looking forward to seeing how the CellDrop improves the quality and efficiency of her lab’s research workflows.”

 Andrew Jones, Market Development Manager, DeNovix

“I was so surprised and excited to win the CellDrop!” said Dr. Roark. “Our lab owns a DeNovix spectrophotometer and really like how it works and how easy it is to maintain. I had been looking at the CellDrop since it can use dual fluorescence for counting and it does not use slides, which is good for the environment.”

“The CellDrop will play an important role in our lab for counting the numerous cell lines we have before testing them. It is important to have an accurate count since we are comparing peptide binding to them and differences in cell number could impact the results. Using the CellDrop will also eliminate user-to-user variability seen when counting with other methods. In addition, our cell lines are GFP transfected which we will be able to detect using the CellDrop. Finally, we are excited to use the dual fluorescence capability of the CellDrop to count cells from heterogeneous cell populations, for example splenocytes from mice or human peripheral blood.”

“We want to thank DeNovix for this prize and we know this instrument will make our lab workflow more efficient. Thank you!”


DeNovix Inc.

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