Study Finds Eating Bacon And Eggs During Pregnancy Can Up Your Baby’s Intelligence

Bacon and eggs: the hearty breakfast combo that’s more often synonymous with hangovers, than it is good health. But now pregnant women have the perfect excuse to tuck into the traditional fry up (thank us later, tastebuds.)

According to a new study, eating the food during the last trimester can boost your baby’s IQ. This is because both pork and eggs are rich in choline, a nutrient that is vital in helping develop the part of the brain associated with memory and recall.

Researchers from Cornell University divided 26 people into two groups. For the last three months of gestation, half the women were given 480mg a day of choline (30mg more than the daily recommendation) and the others received a whopping 930mg.

At four, seven, 10 and 13-months-old, their babies were tested for processing, speed and visuospatial memory. The team then measured their motor response by recording how long it took each child to look toward an image on the edge of a computer screen.

Their findings? The higher levels of choline ingested by the mum, the higher the baby’s intelligence.

Turns out the nutrient isn’t just beneficial for youngsters; experts say all women should look to increase their intake.    

“This single nutrient has lifelong benefits,” Professor Marie Caudill of Cornell University says.

But it’s not all bad news for the vegos, vegans and morning sickness sufferers among us; choline can also be found in nuts, broccoli and legumes.

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