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So you get tension-type headaches in the handle

Tension headaches are one of the most common forms of headaches. According to the experts, up to 30 percent of the population are affected. Many pain sufferers access to drugs, but usually the discomfort can also be a natural way to treat. Even better, the pain to prevent.

The German migraine and headache society (DMKG), about 20 to 30 percent of the population suffer from occasional tension headaches. Women are affected slightly more often than men. The majority of those Affected do not seek medical help. Many try to manage with over-the-counter medications, or withstand the pain. The symptoms with natural remedies relieve.

Discomfort can last for days

As the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care (IQWiG) declared on the Portal “gesundheitsinformation.de” are tension-type headaches less severe than migraine or Cluster headaches. Nevertheless they can be distressing, especially if they persist for longer.

Tension headaches are usually felt as a dull and oppressive. In many cases, doing the entire head hurts, in some the frontal area hurts especially. Other patients describe their pain as a pressing Ring around the skull as if you had a tight hat on your head.


The pain can disappear after a few minutes, to sometimes take up to a week. During physical activity such as climbing stairs or sports, you will not get stronger. Accompanying symptoms such as light sensitivity or Nausea are missing.

The DMKG, according to experts about the possible causes of this headache can be tender so far, only assumptions are: Stress, anxiety, or muscle tension are suspected.

In about half of the patients the muscles is also particularly sensitive to pain – a sign that the pain processing in the brain, and the influence of the body is affected of its own pain-inhibiting nerve signals.

Headache diary can help in the diagnosis

The tension headache from other headache types differentiate, the medical history is very important, the health insurance company DAK health on your website.

In a detailed interview with the physician, it is important to describe the complaints as accurately as possible.

As with other forms of headache here, too, a headache diary can be very helpful. In this is entered, under what circumstances, the headache occurs and how long the pain persists.


To rule out other diseases, are sometimes imaging is necessary.

Treatment without painkillers

The DMKG, according to 80 percent of people who suffer from tension-type headaches are looking for, no medical help. They manage themselves with over-the-counter medications, or withstand the pain.

These medicines can also have side effects, such as stomach problems. And in the case of frequent intake, you can cause the headaches to occur more frequently.

The handle of the pain-killer is not, according to professionals already usually necessary. Often, tried-and-true home remedies can bring headache relief.

So it can help to DAB on forehead, temples or back of neck peppermint oil, or to walk in the fresh air for a walk. It is advisable to drink a lot. Some Affected will help heat, others experienced relief by cold applications.

Also recommended is a self-massage: By Massaging the pain points, the pressure is reduced, explains the Barmer health insurance company in a communication. These points sit at the temples or the forehead and can be easily self-massage. After about half a Minute for a short break and then repeated as often as desired.

Prevention: tension headaches do not have to be

According to the DAK health is a good preventive measure against tension headaches, it’s proven that a regular, moderate endurance training. This can slow Jogging, but also Swimming, Cycling or Nordic Walking to be.

Because even a bad posture can be the cause of the problems, is a targeted postural and muscle-building training is recommended.

Relaxation exercises and Biofeedback are also recommended. If emotional stress is the cause, can help, among other things, psychotherapy. In the case of chronic tension headaches relaxation measures, such as Progressive muscle relaxation, or Yoga proven effective. (ad)

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