What I’ve Learnt As A Female CMO In A Male Dominated Industry

I have held positions in a range of industries that are inherently male dominated. What is extremely important in these environment’s is your positive mindset and connecting with a deep confidence in yourself, your value and your potential, such that that gender plays no defining part in your ability to succeed. In fact, I like to think that being ‘female’ is not a constraint but an opportunity to show diversity in thinking.

I have learned to let go of fear and turn down the noise of my self-doubt. Instead, I try to channel that energy into diving into the deep end, ensuring my point of view is on the table, and of asking for help when and where required. I’ve reframed my success by my attitude and effort, not the wins and failures. Showing up each day and choosing to take the big swings, means every now and then I am going to miss. And that is actually ok. Being kind to myself is my weapon against the fear and doubt, when it silently creeps in. My resilience is fuelled by challenging the status quo, learning and growth, and the support and inspiration from great men and women around me.

Through connection, inspiration and self-reflection, you build confidence. Mentors and other female connections are an incredible source of this. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have been inspired by great female leaders – Catherine Tanner, Kim Clarke and Clare Savage are three of which have played an instrumental role in shaping who I am as business leader and a mentor to others. I am also very passionate about mentoring and empowering others. Knowing that have I can play some small part in unlocking another woman’s superpowers, and in doing so unlock something new in myself, energises me and makes me feel proud.

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When connecting with other women, it is apparent that we don’t always back ourselves. We have stop asking for permission to lean in, and challenge self doubt in ourselves first, then help others do that same. I love Helen Clarke’s quote which is ‘you have to roll out your own red carpet, and kick the door in!’. I think about this a lot and always look for opportunities to roll out the red carpet for the women around me.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is, Choose to Challenge, and it holds an invaluable direction, no matter what stage in your career. If I have learnt anything in my pursuit to date, it is to choose to challenge my own self-doubt, then look for ways to break through barriers or unlock the superpowers of others. Let nothing hold you back. Show up positively each day. Cop the blows smiling and dust yourself off with gusto. Be kind to yourself. Feel proud that you left nothing on the table.

Nurturing female representation at all levels, particularly leadership positions, is an essential step in achieving true gender equality in the workplace. When moving to amaysim, the company’s stance on equality was a large deciding factor for me. 

I’m proud to work for a company with no gender pay gap, 52% female gender split and multiple women in executive positions. The support of women in leadership roles is essential in providing the next generation of female talent the same access as men, as well as fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment.

I look forward to welcoming more progress over the next 12 months and reflecting on how far we’ve come next International Women’s Day.

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