Healthy breakfast recipes for anytime of the day!

Eggs, nachos or seafood? Try these breakfast recipes that combine your family’s favourite ingredients, courtesy Executive Chef, Gopal Jha, Grand Mercure Bangalore.

Californian Breakfast Benedict


2 thick slices of Brioche loaf | 1 tbsp of avocado paste | 2 eggs | 1 whole tomato, sliced | 50 gm of spinach | Pinch of nutmeg powder | 1 Phyllo pastry sheet | 100 gm assorted seasonal fruits | 2 tablespoon hollandaise sauce


Toast the slices of brioche and keep it warm.

Have a small pot of water boiling and break the egg to poach.

Place the grilled tomato slices over brioche, assemble a tower with wilted spinach with nutmeg, avocado paste and poached egg on top.

Drizzle sufficient hollandaise sauce over it and serve with a fruit phyllo basket cup.

Spanish Omelette with Nachos


1 onion | 1 tsp green pepper | garlic, 3 cloves | 1 tsp green onion-scallions | 1 tbsp yellow and red paprika | 1 tbsp boiled potato dices | 3 eggs | pepper and salt | 2 tsp pica de galo | 1 tbsp guacamole | 1 tbsp sour cream | 10 nachos


Heat the frying pan first. Fry the onion, green pepper and garlic.

Add a little pepper and salt. Set the vegetables aside.

Use a potato as base; dice the potato and put it in the pan, add the eggs on top.

Add the vegetables on top, like you add pizza toppings and add a little pepper.

Add tomato ketchup and Tabasco. Add parmesan cheese. Put the lid on.

If you don’t have time, flip it. If you have time, keep it on the fire to let the cheese melt before flipping it over.

Serve it on a plate. Top with Nachos and decorate with pica de galo, guacamole and sour cream.

Morning Greed

An open sandwich, piled high with smashed mint peas, ricotta, smoked salmon caper berry and sour cream.


1 herb Panini bread | 75 gm mint peas mash | 30 gm ricotta crumble | 2 eggs, scrambled, thyme flavour | 4 slices (45 gm) Smoked salmon | Few caper berry | 2 tsp sour cream


Remove a thin layer of bread from the top.

Lightly toast and pile all the other components in the order of bread, peas mint mash, ricotta crumble and scrambled egg, smoked salmon topped with sour cream and garnished with caper berry.

Seafood Rock Filler

Baked tart of mixed seafood served with phyllo fruit bowl!


1 semi-baked savoury tart shell | 75 gm mixed seafood | 50 gm mornay sauce | Assorted herb and seasoning | 1 sheet phyllo pastry | 100 gm assorted seasonal fruit


Mix assorted seafood with mornay sauce and assorted herbs.

Pour it inside a semi-baked savoury shell and bake till it’s golden from all sides. Serve it hot with phyllo cup fruit basket.

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