Kourtney Kardashian Claps Back at Troll Criticizing Her for Taking Kids to Finland

Kourtney Kardashian shared pics of her recent family trip to Finland on Instagram on Oct. 7 — but not everyone was impressed by the photos of her kids enjoying the beautiful wintry landscape. Kardashian traveled to Finland with her kids, her ex (Scott Disick) and her ex’s GF (Sofia Richie).

Almost immediately, one commenter slammed the Poosh creator for traveling too frequently with her kids — and presumably, keeping them out of school:

“Don’t your kids go to school… their education is so important more than these trips,” the troll said.

Another troll pounced, referencing the nanny who left Kardashian’s service after Kardashian and Scott Disick’s daughter, Penelope, allegedly scratched her face: “Exactly why her kids are acting up and putting hands on the nanny. She said she cant take anything away from [Penelope] because she won’t care. Well duhhh shes spoiled af. And taking them on lavish trips is just rewarding them.”

Kardashian replied to the troll, “It was spring break, but traveling can be educational too.”

The trip was the focus of a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians:

Kardashian has defended her travels with her three children — Mason, Penelope and Reign — in the past. In August she shot down another Instagram troll saying, “We all have our priorities. So I’ll be making memories with my kids and amazing people while living my life to the absolute fullest… Who says I am not a working mom? Because I most definitely am… As women, we should be supporting each other for what allows us to be our best, not being so critical and judgmental of each other. We all do things our own way.”

Other commenters were quick to come to Kardashian’s defense. One said, “Did you know in other countries they encourage kids to travel instead of spending time in a class room. They believe it’s good for them. Crazy.”

Another one enthused, “I love that you take your kids on your trips with you!”

A third wrote, “Who the hell gets in your business about your kids going to school? I’m sure you have it handled. I wish social media could be more of a positive place instead of condemning others or putting your nose where it doesn’t belong! Live your life people and keep on doing what makes your heart happy.”

We’re big believers in raising your kids your own way — and staying in your own lane. And our opinion is, travel is education, some of the best education there is. So travel on, Kourtney. Not that you needed our permission, being a Kardashian and all.


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