Mum Slams Parenting Magazine’s Controversial Grooming Advice For Toddlers

A US mum has taken to Instagram to call out a magazine that suggested “waxing and plucking”  hair on a toddler’s upper lip.

In a story titled Normal or Not: Hair on a Preschooler’s Upper Lip, Parents highlighted that facial hair in children is normal but that thick or coarse strands are “only a problem when it starts to impact their happiness and self-esteem”. It advised parents to see a doctor to ensure their child isn’t experiencing hormonal imbalance, but also suggested the beauty treatments as a “safe” option for removing a preschooler’s “moustache”.

The blogger questioned the message it’s sending kids about body image.

“I am APPALLED at @parents magazine for this article stating that it is okay to wax or pluck your PRESCHOOLER’S ‘mustache’,” she wrote in the caption.

“The featured picture even makes me angry. What is this teaching our young children about appearances? It is absurd!”

However, there’s merit to both sides of this argument. If parenting forums are anything to go by, this contentious issue is one that many parents face with kids often being teased by classmates because of excessive facial hair. 

If it’s something you’re struggling with, speak to a doctor. 

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