Pink's Husband Posted A Video Of Their Son That's Causing Serious Drama

Parenting is tough, and yet everyone has an opinion on it. It’s hard to go a day without doing at least one thing that someone else would give a side-eye to. Most parents have learned to just shut out the noise, but it can be tough when people very publicly shame you for something that’s pretty much NBD.

Unfortunatey, Pink and her husband Carey Hart got caught in the crosshairs of parent shamers after Carey posted an adorable video on Instagram of their 10-month-old Jameson sitting on and “riding” a skateboard for a few seconds.

In the video, Jameson is perched on a skateboard as his daddy (who, BTW, is a professional motocross motorcyclist) gives the board the teeniest push. Baby Jameson looks super unimpressed as his board creeps forward at a speed slower than most turtles walk. It’s beyond cute, and, of course, people freaked the eff out about the fact that Jameson was wearing a sunhat, not a helmet.

Jameson getting in a skate session today.

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“Where is the helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and soft safety flooring?” one person wrote, which was pretty much how most of them went. Someone even had the balls to criticize baby Jameson’s name with “Wait, you named your son after whiskey?” C’mon, people. Really?

Of course, plenty of people defended Pink and Carey, pointing out that the baby was moving at 0.001 mph and his dad was right there. Our favourite: “F*%k the haters. Go get your skate on Jameson.”

Pink and Carey haven’t responded to the criticism (not that they need to justify it AT ALL), but Pink has fought back against haters in the past. In 2013, after people criticised the family when Carey took Willow for a ride on his BMX bike without a helmet, Pink responded in the best way:

Somehow, we have a feeling that Pink will have a similar reaction to criticism this time around.

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