These Are the Baby-Naming Trends of 2010-2020

It’s no secret that we are wildly fascinated by baby names. So when we saw that the New York Times released a new article about naming trends of the past decade — penned by our fave name guru, Pamela Redmond Satran over at Nameberry — we were on it like butter on toast.

Using the Social Security Administration’s treasure trove database of baby names, Redmond Satran and her Nameberry team dove into trends that most clearly inspired baby-name choices in the 2010s (in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re teetering on the edge of a new decade, so this article is particularly timely!). They analyzed more than 500 baby names that enjoyed a Top 1000 ranking in 2018, but weren’t on the list back in 2008. We’re seriously digging this data — and we’re betting you might stumble upon a new favorite name right here.

There are a few categories that the Nameberry team found that really seemed to hit the spot with parents this decade. We’ve listed them here, along with the top gems from those groupings. Can we say we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings in terms of baby monikers?

Enjoy the findings! We definitely did.

New Vintage


Gods and Goddesses

Celeb Names

Pop Culture Names

Dictionary Names

Place Names

Gender-Neutral Names

Diverse International Names

Invented Names

  • Avalyn

  • Bexley

  • Haisley

  • Kace

  • Kamryn

Also: Redmond Satran counsels baby-namers to always, always choose personal meaning over fashion trends. Choose literary characters, nature or place names, or flowers based on what you truly love — not just what you think sounds “cool.” That will assure a name that will stand the test of time.

Redmond Satran also offered a pro tip, if you’d really like your name to stay under the radar: steer clear of names starting with A or L, ones that contain Q, X, V or Z, or end in S, N, O or R. That’s apparently the magic equation to keep your name on the down low. You heard it here.

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