These Magnetic Dress Up Sets Might Be Even Better Than Traditional Dolls

While kids adore playing with dolls, parents don’t love the bulk they add to the kiddie clutter already spread throughout the house. This is because dolls are the kinds of toys that come with a slew of extras, from dreamy mansions and play furniture to accessories and miniature stilettos (in every color). The happy medium lies in toys that allow children to have their fun without leaving a heinous mess for mom in the playroom. That solution is magnetic dress up sets. 

Aside from the fact that they take up hardly any space on shelves or in a toy box, magnetic dress up sets offer various developmental benefits for your child. The dolls and accessories are two-dimensional, like the artwork in their favorite storybook, and oftentimes these sets come with limited background imagery, encouraging your child to use their imagination to paint the scene of not only who their characters are, but where they are and their purpose. 

By maneuvering the magnetic pieces to fit together, your child will begin to understand STEM concepts and foster these types of skills. The magnetic setup also requires them to use their fingers in new ways, which will come in handy as they further their fine motor development. The combination of entertaining and educational qualities is what makes the best magnetic dress up sets so appealing to both children and parents alike. Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite options. 

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1. Imagination Generation Zoey & Joey Magnetic Dress Up Playset

Playing pretend is one of the closest things your child will ever experience to magic in their lives because it allows them to be whoever they want, whenever they want to be it. Imagination Generation’s magnetic dress up play set invites your child to role play in this way. It features a whopping 65 magnetic pieces your little one can mix and match depending on how they’re feeling that day.

Whether Joey will step into the role of a soccer player about to secure the World Cup with one last goal or Zoey takes the throne as their fairytale land’s new queen depends on your child’s whims, and you’ll be left in awe as you watch their stories come to life.

2. Petit Collage Magnetic Dress-Up Fairy Tales

If not by their own accord, kids learn how to make up stories by listening to the ones you tell them. Picture books —  especially fairy tales — present them with a foundation to play off of. The characters depicted in the Petit Collage magnetic dress up play set should trigger their memory and inspire them to expand on (or even rewrite the entire script) classic tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. With over 52 magnetic clothes and accessories that, together, can create over 200 different outfits, you can rest assured that with this set your child will never be bored.

3. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Pretend Play

Every child has that one toy they just cannot — under any circumstances — go without. For some, it’s a stuffed animal; for others, it’s a baby doll. We guarantee that the second your little one lays their eyes on any of these Melissa & Doug magnetic pretend play people, this toy will become your child’s sidekick of choice. Choose from Joey, Maggie Leigh, Nina Ballerina or Princess Elise, and each doll set will include one wooden play figure, magnetic clothing and accessories, and a doll stand so your child can place their masterpiece on display. The best part? Everything comes in an easy-to-carry storage tray, which makes clean up a breeze.

4. Mudpuppy Cat Fashion Magnetic Dress-Up Game

Whether they’re the cartoonish kind on television or the fur ball they’re currently cohabiting with, little ones are fascinated by animals. Mudpuppy’s magnetic dress up set is perfect for the little animal lover in your life (bonus points if they’re obsessed with kitties). The set includes not one, but two feline figures, plus endless outfit options to satisfy these furry fashionistas. Your little one will develop a flair for fashion, among other useful life skills, and have a darling decorated tin to store their belongings, making this toy especially great as a travel companion.

5. Peppa Pig Magnetic Wooden Dress Up Puzzle

Whether introduced through books or the popular TV show, there’s hardly a preschooler out there who doesn’t know and love Peppa Pig. Unlike other magnetic play sets whose pieces are thin and hard to lift off surfaces with anything more than a fingernail, Peppa Pig’s magnetic wooden pieces are made chunky so they’re easy to move. With eight tops, 13 bottoms, four icons, one stand, one base and one die-cut Peppa Pig character, fans of the show will love this toy.

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