Why mindful breathing keeps your brain healthy and young

Lately, more and more studies have confirmed that yoga and mindfulness benefit the brain as much as the body. Just 25 minutes of yoga or mindfulness have been shown to improve brain function and boost energy levels, for example. Yoga can make you more resilient to stress, and some studies have even found the molecular

Acupuncture and cognitive behavioral therapy for treating insomnia in cancer survivors

A Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)-supported randomized clinical trial of cancer survivors showed that eight weeks of either acupuncture or cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) decreased the severity of insomnia among cancer survivors, though improvements were greatest among patients receiving cognitive behavioral therapy. The study will be presented at the upcoming 2018 ASCO Annual

Treating muscle wasting improved cancer survival

Researchers from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland have found that continued treatment of muscle wasting with a soluble growth factor receptor protein, produced at the University of Helsinki, improved survival in a pre-clinical cancer model without affecting the tumour size. This effect was not found when the mice were treated with the recombinant protein

Above us only sky: The open air as an underappreciated habitat

Numerous bat species hunt and migrate at great altitudes. Yet the open sky had, until recently, not been on the radar of conservation scientists as a habitat relevant to a large variety of species. Christian Voigt and colleagues from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin have collated the current scientific

Hyper, cranky kids? These foods may help

At some point, we’ve all sat back and admired a kid’s bouncing-off-the-walls energy. We’ve probably also watched tantrums unfold, perhaps with wonder at a child’s ability to just lay it all out there. A little hyperactivity and the occasional meltdown are normal in children, of course; that’s part of childhood as kids navigate how to experience

Why diet soda is ruining your diet

Why diet soda is ruining your diet: ‘Harmless’ sweeteners derail your metabolism and wear down enzymes that protect you from diabetes Taxes are being placed on sugar-sweetened drinks, not diet ones  But new research by the University of Michigan shows that diet soda sweetened with aspartame could be just as diet-wrecking Artificial sweeteners are everywhere,

56% of women find smokers unattractive survey finds

MOST women find smokers unattractive – and would rather likely to date an e-cigarette user (but men don’t care either way), survey finds A survey found that 56 percent of women would not date someone who smokes However, this number decreased to 46 percent who said they would not date someone who vapes Additionally, almost

This girl’s family desperately need a blood door

Bruises on a five-year-old girl’s legs that have turned into a race against time to beat cancer: She has 2 months to find a stem cell donor but her parents fear they won’t because she is Asian Kaiya Patel, five, has a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia Unexplained bruises appeared on Kaiya’s legs but

Alternative treatment for mild asthma

A large international study led by a Hamilton researcher has found a patient-centric treatment that works for people with mild asthma. People with mild asthma are often prescribed a daily treatment regimen, but up to 80 per cent do not follow the routine, using inhalers only when they have an asthma attack. Now the researchers

Congo’s Ebola outbreak reports first confirmed urban case

Congo’s latest Ebola outbreak has spread to a city of more than 1 million people, a worrying shift as the deadly virus risks traveling more easily in densely populated areas. Medical teams hurried to track down anyone thought to have had contact with infected people as this vast, impoverished nation—a veteran of eight previous Ebola

Which foods might stop your brain from shrinking?

As we age, our brains tend to shrink in volume — “at a rate of around 5 percent per decade after age 40,” to be more precise. And the more they shrink, the more this seems to affect an individual’s cognitive abilities. However, there may be ways of maintaining a healthy brain volume, even as

The truth about juicing

(HealthDay)—Between juice bars and high-powered home juicing machines, drinking your fruits and veggies has certainly gone mainstream. Depending on the specific mixes you sip—a vegetable blend, for instance—juice can be a filling snack when you’re on the go. But is juicing a way to lose weight and boost health? Some juicing proponents claim that your

Microglia are key defenders against prion diseases

Prion diseases are slow degenerative brain diseases that occur in people and various other mammals. No vaccines or treatments are available, and these diseases are almost always fatal. Scientists have found little evidence of a protective immune response to prion infections. Further, microglia—brain cells usually involved in the first level of host defense against infections

Baby Legend is here — but is his name "Urban"??

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s adorable family just got a little bigger. Teigen announced Wednesday May 16 that their second child, a baby boy, had arrived: “Somebody’s herrrrrrre!” she tweeted, tossing up some baby-bottle-emoji confetti for good measure. Teigen is the ultimate multitasker. In addition to being the coolest mom on the playground, she hosts