Having a meal activates the functioning of human brown fat

The importance of the human brown adipose tissue (BAT) has become clearer during the past ten years. Using positron emission tomography, PET, it was shown that adult humans have functional BAT. Coldness is an effective activator of the BAT metabolic function but, in rodents, eating has the same effect. Now, the researchers at Turku PET

Binge drinking before pregnancy may directly impact first-generation offspring

Binge drinking during adolescence can have long-lasting effects in the brain which may directly impact the first-generation offspring, a recent study has found. A rat model found that this preconception binge drinking may have negative consequences on the offspring’s growth, social interactions, and pubertal development. The study’s senior author, Toni Pak, Ph.D., of Loyola University

Should You Avoid Sex Before a Workout?

For thousands of years, sexual abstinence (and the resulting frustration) has been thought to boost performance and aggression. Both Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson supposedly swore off sex in the weeks leading up to fights. And there’s that infamous scene in Rocky when Mick tells Rock to “lay off that pet shop dame” because “women

Scientists learn more about how gene linked to autism affects brain: Modulating CHD8 might help some people with complex condition

New preclinical research shows a gene already linked to a subset of people with autism spectrum disorder is critical to healthy neuronal connections in the developing brain, and its loss can harm those connections to help fuel the complex developmental condition. Scientists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center report in Developmental Cell their data clarify

‘Smart stent’ detects narrowing of arteries

For every three individuals who have had a stent implanted to keep clogged arteries open and prevent a heart attack, at least one will experience restenosis — the renewed narrowing of the artery due to plaque buildup or scarring — which can lead to additional complications. Now, a team led by UBC electrical and computer