Coconut oil for hair growth: how to use

Nutritious medicinal oils – the best that can be thought up to strengthen curls, the most popular are argan, castor, burdock and olive, as well as coconut
Science believes that there is no connection between coconut oil and hair growth. Yes, it has a moisturizing and antimicrobial effect (fights bacteria and fungus), which can be beneficial for hair and scalp.

So is it worth using it?

The answer is yes. Coconut oil has a lot of fatty acids, which makes it a wonderful natural conditioner. In addition, it helps to reduce the amount of fat on the scalp and fights local inflammations that prevent hair from growing. Lauric acid in its composition strengthens and moisturizes the hair. All this is beneficial to the hairstyle, but is not directly related to the acceleration of growth.

How to use butter?

For example, you can make a mask for hair: yogurt without additives, coconut oil, honey. It is applied to clean wet hair and left for 10 minutes. Hair will become softer and more pleasant to the touch. You can apply the oil itself, leaving it for the night – it will moisturize the hair.
But there is one important point: the frequent use of oil can lead to a rash on the skin if it closes the pores. And if your skin is prone to acne, it is better to not apply coconut oil to your hair.
In a word, if you do not abuse it, there will be no harm, and the benefits will be yes. But the Rapunzel laurels do not shine for you.
Earlier it was reported that scientists called coconut oil a real poison. Coconut oil can be called a universal product, because it is used in many areas – cosmetology, cooking, medicine and even in the household: it is used for polishing wooden furniture. The product is extracted from coconuts, or rather from their pulp, which is called copra.
About the benefits of coconut oil did not hear just lazy. Recently, various sources in one voice say that it can heal almost everything: from acne to hair loss. Coconut oil is also often an ingredient in healthy and diet recipes.