What helps against crow’s feet? To prevent small fine lines around the eyes

The Name derives from the characteristic shape of a real crow’s-feet, however, there is not a negative – quite the contrary: laugh lines of a face can seem more alive. They reflect sincere emotions, such as Humor and reflect the joy of life. This makes people automatically more sympathetic when you laugh and the little fine lines around the eyes come to the fore. And even with a relaxed facial Expressions, crow’s feet make us human act. Nevertheless, not everyone is grateful when the first permanent wrinkles in the eyes are felt, since they are also a sign of the natural aging of the skin. For this reason, are presented in the Following are several ways that you can crow’s-feet can prevent. And what are the cosmetic methods of treatment there are currently.

Crow’s feet: that’s Why you stay in the age

That crow’s feet are a symptom of old age, is universally known. But how and why they occur exactly at this point? The explanation is simple: Our skin loses every year elasticity. Add to this that it is around the eyes is particularly thin and has little fat has. The muscles is, however, particularly active – triggered by Laughter, blink and the eyelids pinch Together, when we are blinded, for example. All this, coupled with other influences such as UV rays, Stress, lack of sleep, pollution or nicotine, is what makes our skin susceptible to small wrinkles around the eyes. The good news is that you can crow’s-feet with the right skin care and a healthy life style, prevention. Read more about this in the next paragraph.

The right eye cream for crows feet

As already mentioned, wrinkles in the skin at the eyes is thinner and thus more prone to facial expressions. Therefore, you should give her the daily face care with the right eye cream more attention. This provides your skin with an extra Dose of moisture and can protect with a additional UV protection from the sun’s rays. Furthermore, you can look for when buying care products for the eyes on the following active ingredients, crow’s-feet are supposed to counteract:

Active ingredient

Eye care

Hyaluronic acid:

It is considered to be a miracle weapon against wrinkles: hyaluronic acid provides the skin with plenty of moisture and to counteract the natural aging of the skin. It is available as a cream, a concentrate or as a Serum available.


Also, Retinol is a popular active ingredient, in order to crow’s-feet counter. It is available as a high dose of the Serum, however, the skin around the eyes can irritate can. Here is the appropriate eye cream is the better choice.

Vitamin C and E:

Vitamin A is particularly suitable for more Mature skin, but also Vitamin C and Vitamin E have an antioxidant effect and to eye wrinkles prevention. The two active ingredients are contained in the various creams.


Usually, the natural ingredient assures the elasticity of the skin, is reduced with age, however. For this reason, to the decline of collagen-memory with eye cream replenishment can.

Coenzyme Q10:

This ingredient is to protect a wrinkles your skin also salmon, which are pronounced in the old age. Q10 can be found in the relevant care products and a multitude of eye creams for normal and Mature skin.

Crow’s feet removal: These procedures there is

1. Micro needling
This procedure is mainly offered at the dermatologist, but also in some beauty salons: The micro needling is a so-called Dermaroller, which looks like a small roller with fine needles, or a micro-needling Pen is used. This is deliberately rolled over the face, not to hurt the skin minimally, so that it produces more hyaluronic acid, Elastin and collagen, the skin’s own active ingredients (as described above) for the elasticity of the skin, and thus crow’s-feet can reduce. Add to that, that your face should record this procedure care products and active ingredients targeted. However, this procedure poses effusions also have side effects such as minor swelling or blood. In addition, micro needling is not cheap: The treatment costs on average between 200 and 300 euros. There are, however, also Dermaroller for private use, which is significantly cheaper.

2. Botox

For many years, Botox is a quick and easy solution against wrinkles – and thus also against crow’s feet. The so-called botulinum toxin is injected into the facial muscles, so that it solidifies literally and wrinkles are ironed on the eyes “smooth”. For this reason, this intervention is also in the forehead and frown wrinkles or small wrinkles around the mouth made. The cost, depending on the attending physician, average of 200 Euro. However, the effect lasts only between six and twelve months in length. Moreover, Botox is said, that it would take his patients and their human traits in the face. Therefore, you should consider well in advance whether this procedure is out of the question.

3. Hyaluronic acid

Not only Botox, but also hyaluronic acid Gel can be injected into the face to make crow’s feet disappear. However, not in the muscle but just under the skin. As a result, firmer and brighter, so that little eyes will disappear fine lines directly. The advantage of this procedure is that the Facial expression seems so rigid as in the case of a Botox injection. Nevertheless, these treatments are risks such as swelling involves. The more important it is that this method only from a proper dermatologist to perform and are ready to have the 300 Euro to spend on it. And the once or twice a year, since the effect does not last longer. Because hyaluronic acid is broken down by the body with time, in a natural way again. A Serum would be the cheaper choice.

So, you can prevent crow’s feet at an early stage

In order to get a permanent crow’s feet in your face, you can heed the following tips:

They supply your skin with sufficient moisture, from the outside as from the inside: Drink throughout the day at least two liters of water or unsweetened tea – your body will thank you in the long term.

Make sure it has a healthy, varied and balanced diet: stimulants such as alcohol and nicotine can make your skin age faster, so you should enjoy this omit or only in moderation.

Extreme sunbathing can not only speed up the natural aging of the skin, but can promote skin cancer. Therefore always ensure sufficient UV protection-even in your everyday life, that is to say in the days of cream.

So-called eye pads have a cooling effect and help relieve tired or puffy eyes, but also against crow’s feet. They contain valuable ingredients that are intended to reduce small wrinkles.

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