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Whole Foods CEO says trendy meatless burgers are unhealthy

Whole Foods CEO slams trendy meatless burgers and chicken wings for being ‘highly processed and unhealthy’ Whole Foods CEO and co-founder John Mackey says he believes plant-based ‘meat’ burgers are good for the planet but not our health He slammed the ingredients for the popular meat alternatives as ‘super-highly processed’ Mackey co-wrote a book promoting a

14 Easy Swaps To Make All Your Meals Healthier

In Genius Foods, my book with coauthor Paul Grewal, M.D., you’ll find an eating plan that’s both nutritious and delicious. Make these easy swaps and watch your weight drop, your brainpower surge, and your tastebuds rejoice. On your salad Shake on …Salted pistachios to take in heart-healthy fats with a satisfying crunch. Not:Croutons. Many packaged