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Statins: Negative expectations may cause side effects

In a phenomenon known as the “nocebo effect,” expecting to have negative effects of a medication actually causes those symptoms. Now, a study has found that this effect may account for up to 90% of the symptom severity elicited by statins. For a person at high risk of cardiovascular disease, taking a statin reduces the

Cynical hostility might lead to cardiovascular disease

In today’s turbulent political climate, hostility is becoming an increasingly familiar part of everyday life. This negative environment not only makes it uncomfortable to socialize, but prolonged, cynical hostility may pose a serious health issue. According to a Baylor University-led study that appeared in the September 2020 issue of Psychophysiology, cynical hostility may cause an

Unwanted thoughts are easier to control when rested

A study finds sleep deprivation makes unwelcome thoughts occur more frequently and makes them harder to manage. It’s not uncommon for unwelcome thoughts to cross a person’s mind now and again. According to psychologist Marcus Harrington of the Department of Psychology at the University of York in the United Kingdom, “For most people, thought intrusions

The superwoman role: Physical and mental health impacts on Black women

Medical News Today has interviewed Prof. Cheryl Giscombé, an expert on stress-related health disparities among African Americans, about a source of pressure that many African-American women experience: the obligation to project an image of strength or that of fulfilling a ‘superwoman’ role. In 2010, Prof. Cheryl Giscombé, Ph.D., published a paper entitled Superwoman Schema: African