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Slimming: These cheese varieties will help with the diet

Study shows that cheese can help you lose weight Hard to believe, but true: An Irish study showed that protein-containing foods such as cheese can help you lose weight. Cheese is also according to scientific findings, much healthier than generally believed. But what’s with the cholesterol? To properly remove Health experts warn again and again

Diarrhea-bacteria: recall for cheese because of dangerous E. coli

Food company recalls sheep’s milk cheese due to health-threatening E. coli The food business “Francia Mozzarella GmbH” has launched a recall for sheep cheese. Reason health to the existence of E. coli. French soft cheese is being recalled because of the dangerous by-case pathogens. Sick of the Bud in cheese make discovered The Berlin-based company

Recall: soft cheese with VTEC-bacteria contaminated

This cheese should not be Consumed The state office for consumer protection Saxony-Anhalt, warns currently facing a dangerous bacteria that were discovered during inspections in a French soft cheese made from raw milk. It is the Shiga-Toxin-forming E. coli-bacteria (VTEC), dangerous and can cause diarrhea. Is concerned, the French soft cheese made from raw milk

13 Healthy Baked Potatoes That Go Beyond Cheese & Bacon

Loaded baked potatoes are one of those rare dinners that are just as exciting as an adult as they were when you were a kid. There’s something about the DIY aspect of loading a freshly baked potato with whatever toppings you like in exactly the amount you want. Plus, they’re inexpensive and pretty easy —