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Safe sex or risky romance? Young adults make the rational choice

Astudy published in the journal Psychological Science found that young adults—contrary to how they are sometimes portrayed in the media—tend to make highly rational decisions when it comes to selecting potential romantic partners. This is not to say that young adults make risk-free choices, but they appear to consider both the risks and benefits of

Usain Bolt's Baby Name Choice Is Almost as Cute as Her Photos

Legendary Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and his girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, welcomed their first daughter back on May 17 — with none other than his country’s prime minister, Andrew Holness, announcing the news via Twitter (just so you know it was kind of a big deal). But it wasn’t until this week, on Bennett’s birthday, that

Obesity is ‘NOT a choice’, leading psychologists argue

Obesity is ‘NOT a choice’ and is not simply down to people having a lack of willpower, leading psychologists argue The British Psychological Society urged officials to do more to tackle obesity It said the Government needs to tackle obesity in the same way it did smoking Figures show a quarter of adults and a