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Commonly-prescribed antidepressant may be behind antibiotic resistance

Prozac may be driving the antibiotic-resistance crisis Commonly-prescribed antidepressant Prozac may be driving the antibiotic-resistance crisis E.coli undergoes genetic mutations when exposed to the antidepressant Up to 11% of the antidepressant passes through a person’s body into sewers Experts have warned antibiotic resistance poses ‘as big a risk as terrorism’ e-mail 1 View comments The

Drowsy driving in the ridesharing industry is a public safety risk

A position statement from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) concludes that fatigue and sleepiness are inherent safety risks in the ridesharing industry. Both sleep deprivation and circadian influences leave ridesharing drivers at risk for drowsy driving. The typical schedule for workers in the ridesharing industry may lead to driving after extended periods of