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Gun ownership linked to greater incidence of domestic homicides

A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, published by Elsevier, reveals a unique and strong association between firearm ownership and the risk of domestic homicides. For each 10 percent increase in household gun ownership rates, the findings show a significant 13 percent increased incidence of domestic firearm homicide. The homicide risk differed

Jessie J Says She Changed Her Diet After Being Told She's Infertile

Last year, singer Jessie J revealed during a concert that doctors told her she’s infertile. Now, she’s opening up about the steps she’s taking to try to change that. In a new interview with the Heart Breakfast radio podcast, Jessie said that she’s changed her diet and lifestyle in hopes of having biological children one day. “I’ve always

Male and female tennis players decline at same rate

The physical abilities of male and female tennis stars decline at the same rate as they age, new research shows. Men and women are known to have different patterns of ageing — so University of Exeter scientists were surprised to find “similar patterns of decline” among tennis professionals. Using data on first-serve speed and accuracy

For women undergoing IVF, is fresh or frozen embryo transfer best? Some women benefit from a fresh embryo transfer while others benefit from delay

The world’s first baby born via in-vitro fertilization turned 40 years old this summer. Still, after four decades, IVF is a relatively new field with ongoing debate on how to get the best results for families who have placed their hopes — and often their personal savings — into fertility treatment. IVF experts disagree about

The Reproductive Disease Women Don't Know They Have

Endometriosis has an ugly distant cousin and it impacts around twenty percent of women before the age of 40. So why is adenomyosis flying under the radar? Professor Anusch Yazdani’s description of a uterus affected with adenomyosis can’t be unheard – “A big, boggy, pear-shaped organ.” He is explaining the disease that causes severe pelvic pain, bloating,

Partnership problems and not career planning mainly explain why women are freezing their eggs: Fertility clinics urged to make patient-centred care for single women ‘a high priority’

Contrary to common suggestion, women are opting to freeze their eggs not to pursue education or careers but for reasons “mostly revolving around women’s lack of stable partnerships with men committed to marriage and parenting.” This is the conclusion of the largest qualitative study so far in elective egg freezing; 150 subjects from four IVF

What You Need To Know About Falling Pregnant In Your 40s

With the average age of new mothers increasing, many couples are waiting longer to start their family. Unfortunately, one of the consequence of delaying pregnancy until later in life is that age is the most important factor when it comes to conceiving. Quite simply, women are less likely to conceive in their 40s because they

These Are 8 Of The Most Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy

There are a number of signs that you might be pregnant, many of which can occur quickly after conception. Some women experience them all and some won’t notice a single one. Here are eight of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy.  1. Missed period This pregnancy symptom is probably the most well known –

The effects of virtual reality on reducing anxiety and improving pregnancy rates for fertility treatment

New research presented at this year’s Euroanaesthesia congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, shows that giving women different types of virtual reality (VR) sessions prior to sedation for IVF treatment reduces their anxiety and could improve successful pregnancy rates. The study was conducted by Professor Fabienne Roelants, Saint-Luc Hospital, Catholic University of Louvain, Brussels, Belgium, and colleagues.