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Confessions of a Former Cutter

The first time I took a blade to my wrist, I was 15 years old. I don’t why I did it. I’ve scoured old journals for clues. I’ve read through dozens of sheets of¬†angsty poetry in the hope of finding answers, and I’ve thought about it time and time again. But the why eludes me

Bear Grylls champions the joy of outdoor living as a parent

Press-ups, pocket money and paragliding with Pa! Former SAS soldier and TV survivalist BEAR GRYLLS champions the joy of outdoor living and unveils his maverick manifesto for raising happy children Bear Grylls looks like a man who has everything: fame, fortune, friends including Barack Obama, a wife he loves and three young boys. But the

Researchers identify spike in severe black lung disease among former US coal miners

The number of cases of progressive massive fibrosis, the most severe form of black lung disease, has been increasing dramatically among coal workers and especially younger workers in central Appalachia. These new findings represent the first-ever documentation of this spike and were presented by Kirsten Almberg, research assistant professor of environmental and occupational health sciences