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A trendy fruit has entered the Costco food court

We may love to snack on giant hot dogs and pretzels when doing our shopping at Costco, but there’s a new healthy option coming to the menu that sounds pretty intriguing. Costco has been offering acai bowls on their menus in California, Oregon and Hawaii for quite a while — obviously, they had the audience

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If you’ve ever been to Sheetz, you know you’re in for a treat when you walk through the doors. It’s a convenience store paradise. And while we love grabbing piping-hot mozzarella sticks and frozen lemonade on the occasional late-night run, we also reach for healthier options on a regular basis. What healthy options, you ask?

Wendy's wants to give you 50-cent Frosties and a vacation

It’s finally warming up outside, folks. The sweaters are coming off, the shorts are going on, and we even had to restock our sunscreen supply. More hot, wonderful sunshine also means winter is finally over, and it’s the best time to indulge in delicious frozen summer treats. Top of the list is a Frosty from