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VA payments system hit by hackers, breaching data of 46,000 vets

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs notified its beneficiaries on Monday that a data breach has exposed the personal information of approximately 46,000 veterans. According to the VA’s Office of Management, an online application used by the agency’s Financial Services Center was accessed by unauthorized users in an attempt to divert payments to community care

VA hits pause on Cerner EHR rollout amid coronavirus crisis

In a letter sent to Sen. John Boozman, R-Arkansas, chairman of the Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies, U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert L. Wilkie said the COVID-19 pandemic “has shifted the overall priorities” of the VA – and that the department would delay its ongoing EHR modernization as a result. “Our

Germany steps up race to catch up with innovation in digital health

Germany’s recent Digital Care Act is set to bring new opportunities for the biggest healthcare market in Europe to accelerate efforts to digitise and innovate.  Below, Dr Jens Baas [pictured on the right], CEO of one of the country’s largest statutory health insurers, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), tells us what it means. This interview has been edited for clarity. Healthcare

Healthcare transformation: 'We need to shift our mindset'

Change on many levels urgently required: This was the message brought forward at the Health 2019 conference of HIMSS and Handelsblatt in Berlin. Innovation-prone digital leaders from all over the world showed that healthcare transformation is doable and success measurable. “Healthcare is moving beyond disease towards preserving health, it is moving beyond hospitals towards community-based

Ageing population trend provides massive opportunities for Japan, UK health tech collaboration, report finds

Japan’s healthcare system shares a couple of similarities with the UK’s. Both countries provide universal healthcare, and both are now grappling with the challenges posed by ageing populations. According to a report published today, that trend is also creating new opportunities for collaboration. WHY IT MATTERS In 2018, citizens aged 65 and over accounted for 28% of

Western Australia establishes precision health council for improved health outcomes

Earlier this week, the Western Australia (WA) Government announced the establishment of a new Ministerial Council that will advise the State Government on opportunities to further develop and support precision health advances. Precision health uses new and emerging technologies to enhance disease prevention and early detection, and improve patient outcomes through treatments tailored to patients’

Public Sector Data Security Review Committee appointed in Singapore

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently announced the appointment of a Public Sector Data Security Review Committee to conduct a comprehensive review of data security practices across the entire public service. The committee will look at measures and processes related to the collection and protection of citizens’ personal data by public sector agencies, as

DOJ slams Greenway with $57 million False Claims fine

The U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday announced that Greenway Health settled a False Claims Act suit by paying $57.25 million. “In its complaint, the government contends that Greenway falsely obtained 2014 Edition certification for its product Prime Suite when it concealed from its certifying entity that Prime Suite did not fully comply with the

5 traits of extraordinary entrepreneurs

WASHINGTON, DC – During a panel discussion at the Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference here at the White House on Monday, John Doerr laid down what he said were the five unique characteristics of extraordinary entrepreneurs.  As chairman of the iconic Silicon Valley Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers venture capitalist firm, Doerr should know.  What traits