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Everything You Need to Know About Probiotics

Dealing with constant stomach pain and other digestive problems isn’t fun. But you may have read about a surefire solution: Probiotics. Will they really work? Are they the miracle microbes you’ve read so much about? Can they also help you lose weight and fight high blood pressure? Whether you buy them in a bottle or

10 of the Best Fat-Burning Foods

The old method of monitoring calorie intake and expenditure to stay lean isn’t really that reliable. More and more nutrition experts are saying the quality of calories matters just as much, maybe even more, than the exact quantity. Reaching for nutritious foods benefits your body in ways processed junk can’t come close to matching. Choose the

14 Easy Swaps To Make All Your Meals Healthier

In Genius Foods, my book with coauthor Paul Grewal, M.D., you’ll find an eating plan that’s both nutritious and delicious. Make these easy swaps and watch your weight drop, your brainpower surge, and your tastebuds rejoice. On your salad Shake on …Salted pistachios to take in heart-healthy fats with a satisfying crunch. Not:Croutons. Many packaged