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We have a vaccine for hepatitis B, but we still need a cure

Hepatitis B is blood-borne virus that packs a punch. Worldwide, more than 1.3 billion people have been infected with hepatitis B, and 257 million people have developed a life-long infection. This includes 240,000 Australians, many of whom are Indigenous. Globally, transmission most commonly occurs from mother to baby or in early life. But it’s possible

Tired all the time? The liver can also be sick!

Fatigue and lack of concentration after the holidays: signs of liver disease The Easter holidays are coming up. Anyone who travels in the distance, you can also bring serious disease with home. If you feel unusually tired and listless, you should consult a doctor. Liver disease can be cause. Lack of concentration and lack of

'Vampire Facials' May Have Exposed People to HIV and Hepatitis

A spa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that offers "vampire" facials may have exposed clients to blood-borne infections, according to a statement from the New Mexico Department of Health. The so-called vampire facial is a type of spa treatment that involves smearing a person's own blood on his or her face, according to Allure. Proponents claim that

NFID initiative working to up hepatitis B vaccination rates

(HealthDay)—A new initiative to increase hepatitis B virus vaccination rates among at-risk adults has been developed, according to a report from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) published in support of World Hepatitis Day. The NFID is developing a new initiative to increase hepatitis B vaccination rates among at-risk adults in order to reduce

UN’s health body urges Hepatitis C offensive

Hepatitis C is easily cured. Yet, about 400,000 people die of the liver disease every year as only a smattering get the medicine they need. On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) urged governments to attack the problem with more urgency, and more money. Only about three million people from an estimated 71 million Hepatitis