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Number of GPs retiring before 60 hits a six-year low

Number of GPs in the NHS retiring before 60 hits a six-year LOW because doctors are ‘postponing retirement to see if the staffing crisis improves’ The number of doctors retiring in their fifties was at a six-year low last year Some 588 doctors under 60 drew their pension, compared to 721 in 2017 But the

Australian stores limit baby formula as China demand hits stocks

One of Australia’s biggest supermarket chains said Wednesday some stores were moving baby formula behind counters and restricting sales as it emerged customers were clearing shelves and selling it online in China for more than double the price. Coles’ decision to take the milk product off aisles follows complaints from worried mothers over supplies and

Plague of toxic caterpillars hits the UK

Plague of toxic caterpillars hits the UK: Oak moths that cause deadly asthma attacks and vomiting have been spotted in parks – here’s how to spot them and what to do if you find a nest Larval stage of oak processionary moths spotted in the south-east of England Hairs on the caterpillars cause severe dizziness, fever