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13 Cast Iron Skillet Recipes Ina Garten Would Definitely Approve Of

Food Network star and everyone’s favorite comfort food chef Ina Garten knows a thing or two about cooking with a cast iron skillet. There’s her super-popular, highly reviewed, foolproof skillet-roasted lemon chicken. She also has a butter-drenched, tender steakhouse steak recipe that wouldn’t get that perfect sear without her beloved skillet. And who could possibly resist

10 Ina Garten Recipes That Double as Gifts

For us, the holidays are all about cooking, but what if you can’t actually be with your loved ones this year to cook for them in person? Our solution is edible gifts that can be dropped on friends’ doorsteps or shipped in the mail to family members near and far. And who knows more about

Anderson Cooper and Ina Garten Both Love This Comfort Food

Ina Garten literally wrote the book on comfort food. Her newest cookbook, Modern Comfort Food, has fast become our go-to, and its warm and hearty recipes have never been more needed. In a recent interview, Garten caught up with CNN’s Anderson Cooper during his show Full Circle and talked about all things food. And during