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Official: Italy to start COVID vaccinations in January

A significant number of Italians who want to be vaccinated against COVID-19 should have received their shots by next September, Italy’s special commissioner for the virus emergency said Thursday. Italy is set to receive 3.4 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine in the second half of January through the European Union’s purchase program, enough to

Furtuna Skin, Sourced From a Private Farm in Sicily, Is Growing

Furtuna Skin, the buzzy Italian skin-care brand, has seen 10 percent growth month-over-month this year amid the pandemic, shared founders Agatha Relota Luczo and Kim Walls. “We’re able to say every week, ‘Every month we did better than the prior month,’” said Walls, chief executive officer. It’s been “meaningful growth,” she continued. “The responses that

A model for keeping the pandemic in check in Italy

A team of researchers has been modeling the potential spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Italy. Using their model, they can calculate the number of exposed and highly infectious individuals and the daily isolation efforts required to bring down the epidemic curve. In April, a team led by Professor Andrea Rinaldo, the head of EPFL’s