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Mike’s Hard Lemonade Is Releasing a Pineapple Mandarin Flavor

Fruit-flavored beverages have been popping up left and right ahead of the summer weather that’s comin’ up very soon. There are mango moscatos and pineapple mimosas available at Aldi, and now Mike’s Hard is coming out with a limited-edition pineapple mandarin lemonade. View this post on Instagram A #limitedEdition summer time flavor of Mike’s Hard

That’s why diet coke is not better for your health than normal coke

Who loves Cola, Fanta and Sprite, but on his weight, pays attention, uses mostly sugar-free Alternative. US-experts now warn, however: Even the Light versions could increase the risk for Obesity, Diabetes and other diseases. Sugar-free, low-calorie Soft Drinks are becoming increasingly popular. They call themselves light, zero, diet or sugarfree. Manufacturers advertise that these drinks