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Denmark launches COVID-19 passport 'Coronapas'

Denmark has become one of the first in Europe to launch a COVID-19 pass scheme to help non-essential businesses reopen. This follows news earlier this year that Denmark’s acting finance minister Morten Bødskov together with Lars Sandahl Sørensen, the CEO of Danish Industry and Brian Mikkelsen, the CEO of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that

UK to share genomics expertise to identify COVID-19 variants

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that the UK will offer its genomics expertise to other countries in order to help them identify new variants of COVID-19. This will be facilitated through the launch of the New Variant Assessment Platform, a UK-based service that will offer up the country’s laboratories to analyse samples of potential

Pandemic will accelerate AI adoption, healthcare leaders predict

In a survey of hundreds of healthcare decision-makers, Intel found that the percentage of respondents whose company is currently – or will be – using artificial intelligence nearly doubled after the onset of COVID-19.  Among the predicted use cases for AI: early intervention analytics, clinical decision support and specialist collaboration. “Artificial intelligence in health and life

Healthcare experts call for action on climate change and inequality

Global health leaders discussed the challenges of climate change and widening inequality during the closing keynote sssion, ‘Climate Change, Social Determinants of Health: Leading Recovery and Preparing for the Future’. The speakers were Prof Jan Semenza, lead of the Health Determinants Programme, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in Sweden, Prof Sam Shah, founder &

The rise of the dashboard

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the use of healthcare dashboards under the global spotlight. Each day, the global cases and deaths dashboard created by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at the US’ John Hopkins University, receives around 1.2 billion requests. Created by Professor Lauren Gardner and her graduate student, Ensheng Dong, the public-facing

Pop health IT helps Partners in Recovery reduce psychiatric hospital admissions by 50%

Partners in Recovery, based in Peoria, Arizona, is an outpatient behavioral health provider organization serving more than 8,000 patients in the Phoenix area. The organization’s unique service focus is treatment for persons with chronic and severe mental illnesses, including conditions such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder. THE PROBLEM Partners

California Correctional wins HIMSS Davies Award

HIMSS has honored California Correctional Health Care Services with its 2018 Davies Community Award of Excellence, recognizing the provider organization’s efforts in using health IT to reduce hospitalizations for high-risk patients. Ten years ago, California Correctional Health Care Services was buried in paper. Tens of thousands of inches of healthcare records were spread out across

Hospitals leaning on EHRs for opioid management

A new report from KLAS surveyed more than 100 various-sized providers for insights about how they're relying on technology to help them manage the opioid crisis in their communities. Electronic health records are a basic but critical tool in the fight, and expectations on vendors are high, the study shows. WHY IT MATTERS The opioid

Intermountain, University of Michigan advance precision medicine for cardiovascular care, cancer

Two new studies shine a light on the promise and accelerating speed of precision medicine and genomics capabilities to transform healthcare faster than many observers might imagine. Intermountain Healthcare and the University of Michigan separately conducted research projects that uncovered a genetic link in a rare cardiovascular condition and a flaw in androgen-specific therapies, respectively.