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Western Australia establishes precision health council for improved health outcomes

Earlier this week, the Western Australia (WA) Government announced the establishment of a new Ministerial Council that will advise the State Government on opportunities to further develop and support precision health advances. Precision health uses new and emerging technologies to enhance disease prevention and early detection, and improve patient outcomes through treatments tailored to patients’

Precision medicine is too complex for EHRs, KLAS says

KLAS on Thursday published a report that found healthcare providers are skeptical about the role electronic health records will play within precision medicine initiatives. WHY IT MATTERS The idea that EHRs will not be the platform of choice for precision medicine is not new. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CIO Dr. John Halamka said as

AWS releases Amazon Neptune to help health organizations build apps

AWS has rolled out its new Amazon Neptune technology, a cloud-based tool that enables healthcare organizations and others to manage complex connected data for faster application development. The graph database service stores and navigates these datasets, allowing developers at health systems, life sciences companies and others to more easily make interactive graph apps, and query

As FDA signals wider AI approval, hospitals have a role to play

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, got a lot of attention this past month when he delivered a speech touting the big promise of artificial intelligence for healthcare, and pledging that the agency has been reconsidering its approach to regulating AI-powered software and devices. "One of the most promising digital health tools is artificial intelligence, particularly

Intermountain, University of Michigan advance precision medicine for cardiovascular care, cancer

Two new studies shine a light on the promise and accelerating speed of precision medicine and genomics capabilities to transform healthcare faster than many observers might imagine. Intermountain Healthcare and the University of Michigan separately conducted research projects that uncovered a genetic link in a rare cardiovascular condition and a flaw in androgen-specific therapies, respectively. 

Geisinger injects machine learning into clinical workflow to find health problems faster

Geisinger doctors and researchers have trained computers to read CT scans of patients’ heads to detect a life-threatening form of internal bleeding called intracranial hemorrhage. Because early and accurate diagnosis is critical, leading hospitals are moving forward with precision medicine tactics built on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Last week, for instance, Intermountain-owned Navican

Geisinger execs: DNA sequencing program saving patient lives

Geisinger Health System CEO David Fineberg, MD, and other top executives said Geisinger’s gene sequencing program is helping to better project adverse health issues in the short-term and the hospital is expecting even better results to come. Geisinger’s DNA sequencing project has the potential to identify virtually everyone in its patient population to pinpoint increased