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The moment surgeons removed a hairball from a girl’s stomach  

The nauseating moment surgeons removed an 8lb HAIRBALL from a 12-year-old girl’s stomach WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT  Hairball measured 35x13cm and took up nearly all of the unnamed girl’s organ With little room for food, she became malnourished with low protein levels The girl had been suffering severe abdominal pains for two years She admitted to

Grim footage shows patient having 22 white hearing aid filters removed

Stomach-churning footage shows 22 wax-covered white hearing aid filters extracted from deep inside a patient’s ear (and he didn’t know they were there!) Neel Raithatha, an audiologist based in Leicestershire, removed the filters The YouTube sensation admitted that he was in ‘disbelief’ when he saw them Mr Raithatha joked he would never come across such

Footage shows surgeons removing 14 worms from a woman’s organs

Watch the stomach-churning moment surgeons removed 14 wriggling worms from a woman’s organs WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT  The woman, known only as Sunita, was in such pain she could barely stand  She had more than dozen worms measuring 15-20cm each in her bile duct After being sent home with antibiotics, surgeons finally removed the worms  She