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The Best Water Blasters For Hours of Summer Fun

Water wars are among the most classic warm-weather pastimes. Nothing compares to the jumble of nerves and excitement that comes from hiding behind a bush or tree with a bucket of water balloons at your ankle or clutching a super soaker in your hands, ready to draw. But we’re painting an old-school picture for you,

The Best Easter Hot Cocoa Bombs On Etsy

Hot cocoa bombs for Easter? Why not! Easter is all about the sweet stuff, and let’s face it – this early into spring, the mornings and evenings are often still cold enough to crave a mug of hot chocolate. This year, add a little something special to your Easter baskets with hot cocoa bombs designed

Baked Oatmeal Is Basically Cake for Breakfast

Bored with your go-to breakfast these days? Have cake. No, really. Baked oatmeal is the latest TikTok recipe to go viral, and it’s basically an excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Not only are TikTokers sharing a variety of baked oatmeal recipes, from blueberry and birthday cake to lemon and strawberry bake oatmeal, but the

A Complete Ranking of the Best Frozen Pizzas

Right now in your freezer, you probably have a frozen pizza or two tucked away. Hey, we don’t blame you — since we’re all practicing social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we and many others do too. Why? Because it’s delicious! Not to mention it’s probably the easiest, quickest dinner option for all of

Buy From These Black-Owned Companies Now & All Year Long

We’ve been urging parents to buy from Black-owned businesses all year long. But since it’s Black History Month, we thought we’d take this opportunity to say it one more time. And here’s why it’s important: It’s not as easy as it should be to find toys made and sold by Black-owned companies. So the more

This Egg Breakfast Sandwich Hack on TikTok Is Truly Genius

Our cup runneth over with TikTok food hacks, but that doesn’t mean we won’t welcome a new one into our life — especially if it means making the easiest, tidiest, most delicious runny-egg, cheese, and bacon breakfast sandwich. And thanks to the Foodies account on TikTok, we’ve been gifted with just that. YOU NEED TO

The Black & Mixed-Race Dolls Your Kids Will Love

Kids today have an enviable range of choices when it comes to finding the perfect Black doll for them. Only recently was it nearly impossible to find a Black doll (let alone a multiracial doll) that actually reflected what Black people look like IRL. In fact, the Smithsonian reported that according to some super depressing