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How sick are children getting, and when will we be able to vaccinate them against COVID?

In July, Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) provisionally approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for kids aged 12-15. The Australian Technical Advisory group on Immunization (ATAGI) subsequently recommended kids in this age group with underlying chronic medical conditions, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and kids living in remote communities should be prioritized. We’re expecting advice

S. Korea hunts sick beds as West braces for long virus fight

South Korea struggled to find enough beds for its sick, Italy grappled with a rising number of deaths and concern grew over an expanding outbreak in the United States on Wednesday as the new virus that tormented China expanded elsewhere. As the number of new cases drops precipitously in China, attention has shifted to South

What are viruses anyway, and why do they make us so sick?

You may sometimes have felt like you “have come down with a virus,” meaning that you became sick from being exposed to something that could have been a virus. In fact, you have a virus—actually, many—all the time. Some viruses cause the common cold, and some are crucial to human survival. New viruses can also

Parenting While Sick Is the Worst — But It IS Possible

As if raising small humans wasn’t challenging enough, sometimes, we also have to do it while we’re feeling our absolute worst. But how are you supposed to keep your kids alive — and entertained! — when you feel like you can barely keep your head above (the toilet bowl) water? Parenting while sick seems like

Package deliverers and mail carriers are most often sick

More than 300 million packages to send to the Germans for the Christmas season – and every year more and more. That postman, parcel delivery and courier drivers are loaded in the run-up to Christmas strong, makes health noticeable: evaluations of the health insurance company Barmer situated, are Employees of the sector posted more often,

How to not get sick: 8 ways to avoid colds and the flu

Although most cold and flu infections occur during the fall and winter seasons, the viruses responsible for these illnesses are present year-round. Fighting off a viral infection takes its toll on most people, causing them to miss days at work and valuable time with their friends and families. In this article, we describe eight evidence-based

Health insurance photo Insured may not save them permanently

ESR calls for deletion after the production of the health card After the production of an “electronic Gesundheitskarte“ need to delete the health insurance companies the photo. The previously customary permanent storage is in breach of, in any case, without the consent of the Insured, violate the privacy rights, ruled on Tuesday, 18. December 2018,

Does cold weather make you sick: What’s the link?

In this article, we examine the relationship between cold and wet weather and the common cold. We also cover some tips for preventing colds. Rhinoviruses and the common cold According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of people develop the common cold each year in the United States alone. On average,

Why Your Coffee Machine Could Be Making You Sick

A study published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology has identified coffee machines as one of a number of factors that could increase our exposure to fungal toxins in the home. “Coffee makers are just an example of a machine that may release steam indoors and increase the water and humidity that may help

How A Nutritionist Beats A Sick Day

Nose running faster than an Olympian right now? We hear you – colds are crappy AF. And there’s only so much Netflix you can watch while curled up on the couch surrounded by tissues and Dairy Milk. That’s why we asked Sydney nutritionist Teresa Boyce for her power-through checklist. Here, how to battle your winter

Teetotallers are off sick MORE than regular drinkers, study finds

Teetotallers take MORE sick days than regular drinkers! Moderate tipplers have the best health and are less likely to miss work through illness, research finds Researchers found that moderate drinkers have the best health records of all  Teetotal people in the UK, Finland and France had a much higher risk of absence  The study surveyed people