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The SEVEN signs you’re not eating enough protein

From thinning hair to flabby muscles and brain fog: The SEVEN signs you’re not eating enough protein (and simple tips for how to get more) Government says protein consumption should be 0.8g per kilo of body weight Despite this, countless people regularly fail to eat anywhere near this amount Here, nutritionists Rick Hay and May

9 tell-tale signs you need more iron in your diet

Expert reveals 9 signs you need more iron in your diet Feeling breathless, a pale tongue and dry skin: Expert reveals the 9 tell-tale signs of iron deficiency that even DOCTORS miss Experts say it is common for people to be unaware that they are iron deficient Common symptoms include tiredness, pale skin and changes

Five signs of depression in teens

It’s no secret that teenagers can be moody, but research shows that ongoing moodiness often is far more serious. Dr. Janna Gewirtz O’Brien, a Mayo Clinic pediatrician, says teen depression is much more common than most people realize. “This is something that affects teenagers of all walks of life, of all backgrounds, and actually of

Low testosterone in women: Signs, causes, and treatments

Testosterone belongs to a group of hormones known as androgens. Testosterone levels affect: fertility sex drive red blood cell production muscle mass and fat distribution Most people think of testosterone as a male sex hormone, but everyone requires a certain amount. While males have more testosterone than females, female adrenal glands and ovaries produce small

12 Signs There's a Tween Living in Your House

You were told to cherish the baby years because time goes so fast. Cherish the newborn who will only stop crying if you hold him close to your chest 24 hours a day, cherish the 4 a.m. wake-up call just because, cherish potty training behind a tree in the park and quelling meltdowns in Target

9 Unexpected Signs Your Thyroid Is Out Of Whack

Sometimes it seems appropriate to amend Murphy’s Law to “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong—and it’s probably your thyroid’s fault.” It may be small, but that butterfly-shaped gland at the base of your throat has a pretty lofty to-do list—like regulating your appetite, energy levels, and even your body temperature. When it’s working

6 Signs You're Eating Way Too Much Protein

High-protein diets are all the rage right now. Protein does tonnes for your body, including helping to repair your muscles when they tear during exercise and supporting bone health and hormone production. What’s more, high-protein diets have been known to help women shed stubborn weight. “It’s a hot macronutrient because it really does help you

These Are 8 Of The Most Common Early Signs Of Pregnancy

There are a number of signs that you might be pregnant, many of which can occur quickly after conception. Some women experience them all and some won’t notice a single one. Here are eight of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy.  1. Missed period This pregnancy symptom is probably the most well known –

7 Signs You're Making Weight Loss Harder Than It Needs to Be

No matter how you slice it, weight loss isn’t easy. But unless you have an underlying physical condition like hypothyroidism that impairs your ability to shed pounds, it doesn’t have to feel exhausting, next-to-impossible, or mind-numbingly frustrating. Trust us. Here are seven common signs you’re making it harder on yourself to slim down. 1. You’re

Signs of stroke in men: Early warnings and symptoms

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that strokes are the fifth-leading cause of death in the United States. They are more common and more likely to be fatal in women, while men tend to have strokes at a younger age. Being aware of all symptoms, including those specific to sex, can help