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Emily Skye Just Shared An Image Of Her 'Wrinkly Tummy Skin'

When it comes to her postpartum journey, Emily Skye has always kept things real for her 2.5mil fans – and this latest post is no exception. Rather than hide behind filters and photoshop, the 34-year-old is embracing every aspect of how her body has changed since giving birth 16 months ago – including her “wrinkly

Organ transplants, but only for the financially healthy

This story is from Kaiser Health News When Patrick Mannion heard about the Michigan woman denied a heart transplant because she couldn’t afford the anti-rejection drugs, he knew what she was up against. On social media posts of a letter that went viral last month, Hedda Martin, 60, of Grand Rapids, was informed that she

Someone from my high school committed suicide last week. I didn’t know her very well, but we were Facebook friends. Her posts were always so upbeat and happy, and I had no idea she was even depressed. What did I miss?

You may not have missed anything—it can be hard to truly “know” someone, especially when the only access you have to them is through social media, like Facebook. Because social media is more public than direct one-on-one communication, it is often a space where people are more likely to post their best photos and “best

Kaley Cuoco Shuts Down Critics Of Her Latest Workout Outfit

Not only is Kaley Cuoco fronting up at the gym just three weeks after shoulder surgery, the Big Bang Theory star is shutting down haters with equally impressive tenacity. The 32-year-old recently shared a series of videos from her one-arm workouts, but some critics could only focus on her outfit or, in their opinion, lack

Woman Calls Out Colleague For Faking Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is morning sickness so severe that most cases require hospitalisation. Some have broken ribs and detached retinas they have vomited so violently. One in seven sufferers have terminated a pregnancy due to the condition. So when someone says they’re suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, they’re really suffering. That’s why one woman posted to UK

This Is The Latest Wellness Craze To Take Over Instagram

Matcha is undoubtedly one of the biggest buzzwords in the wellness world right now. It’s loaded with antioxidants, helps with mood and concentration, is proven to protect against cancer and heart disease and has major anti-aging and weight loss benefits.  But if you fancy yourself a fan of the green stuff already, it’s time to

The Internet Is Losing It Over This ASOS Model's 'Back Rolls'

When it comes to embracing diversity, ASOS is doing something seriously right. Not only was the online retailer previously applauded for refusing to retouch one of their model’s stretch marks, it recently announced plans to make its website more inclusive by featuring snaps of different sized women in the same dress. But if that wasn’t