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Many moms-to-be are stressed, and it might affect baby’s brain

(HealthDay)—Many mothers-to-be feel overwhelmed by stress, and it might have implications for their babies’ brain development in the womb, a new study suggests. The researchers found that even in a group of highly educated, healthy pregnant women, stress and anxiety were common. More than one-quarter reported higher-than-average levels of “perceived stress,” while a similar number

Mothers-to-be who are stressed are more likely to have a daughter

Mothers-to-be who are stressed are more likely to have a daughter, finds study Only 31% of women showing physical stress, such as comfort eating, had a boy Only 40% psychologically stressed, experiencing anxiety, have a boy Scientists said male foetuses are more vulnerable to stress hormones  If you’re trying to get pregnant and want to have

Stressed out? Study reveals it may affect your memory

Stress in middle age can make your brain shrink and make your memory worse, Harvard study finds The brain-reducing effects of stress were found to be triggered by cortisol The Harvard Medical School study was published in the journal Neurology Scientists have said ‘it’s important for people to find ways to reduce stress’  Stress in