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Here’s Why Your Tattoo Faded So Much

Everyone who gets a tattoo goes into the shop knowing that how it looks at the end of the session is the most sharp and vibrant it's ever going to look. Once healed, work done by a talented, professional tattoo artist will still look fresh and vivid, but from that point on, other factors play

Mum's Shocking Sunburn After Forgetting Sunscreen On 111km Run

An ultra long-distance runner made the horrible mistake of forgetting to re-apply sunscreen during a 111km run – and it isn’t pretty. Mum-of-two Julie Nisbet had successfully completed an astonishingly long run along Hadrian’s walk in The United Kingdom which had her braving the elements for a jaw-dropping 21 hours. It didn’t take her long

Is Expired Sunscreen Better Than No Sunscreen?

You've just claimed a spot on the beach; the sun is rising overhead, and you're looking forward to a relaxing day of sea and sun. And speaking of sun — you mustn't forget to apply a generous layer of protective sunblock. But when you reach for your tube of sunscreen, you notice that it's long

Turns Out SPF 100 Sunscreen Works Better Than SPF 50

Good news all of you fair-skinned beauties, there’s new evidence to suggest that a higher SPF actually does work. For years, science, or more accurately, the Food and Drug Administration, has been telling us that anything higher than SPF 50 was basically useless but a recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy