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Baked Oatmeal Is Basically Cake for Breakfast

Bored with your go-to breakfast these days? Have cake. No, really. Baked oatmeal is the latest TikTok recipe to go viral, and it’s basically an excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Not only are TikTokers sharing a variety of baked oatmeal recipes, from blueberry and birthday cake to lemon and strawberry bake oatmeal, but the

This Egg Breakfast Sandwich Hack on TikTok Is Truly Genius

Our cup runneth over with TikTok food hacks, but that doesn’t mean we won’t welcome a new one into our life — especially if it means making the easiest, tidiest, most delicious runny-egg, cheese, and bacon breakfast sandwich. And thanks to the Foodies account on TikTok, we’ve been gifted with just that. YOU NEED TO