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McDonald's creates billboards with tiny 'bee hotels'

McDonald’s recently caused quite a buzz with its tiny restaurant replicas aimed at saving the bees. Clearly determined to the cause, the fast-food chain has come up with another brilliant way to attract and save those fuzzy yellow creatures. Now McDonald’s is branching out to the hospitality industry, creating tiny hotels with bees as their

The brain’s tiny thrill-seekers

Microglia, the immune cells of the central nervous system, differ in male and female mice. MDC researchers have reported on the sex-specific features in Cell Reports. Their findings could change how we treat neurological diseases. Microglia monitor the brain’s health around the clock, much like a battalion of tiny soldiers. When the cells sense pathogens

New Scan could spot arthritis before joints start hurting

Scan could spot arthritis before joints start hurting by detecting tiny changes in the joints as protective cartilage is lost Engineers say CT scan is twice as good as X-ray as it creates a 3D map of joints  University of Cambridge have developed a technique to reveal tiny changes  Could help diagnose osteoarthritis far earlier