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Even naturally sweet drinks may increase diabetes risk: Study

The study looked at 22-26 years' worth of data from more than 1,92,000 men and women participating in three long-term studies. Naturally sweet drinks, such as 100 per cent fruit juices, as well as artificially sweetened beverages, such as “diet” soft drinks, could also increase a person’s risk of type 2 diabetes, suggested a new

Heart disease and diabetes: All you need to know

Of all the factors, smoking, increasing stress levels, and diabetes are the three major reasons that can cause significant damage to your heart, and may even cause death. The fast-paced modern lifestyle has taken a toll on our health and made us more susceptible to various Non-Communicable Diseases, or NCDs, all thanks to our erratic

Shorter people at higher risk of type-2 diabetes, study finds

Type-2 diabetes symptoms could be reduced by making one simple breakfast swap Type-2 diabetes symptoms: Eating this food could reduce blood sugar levels Type-2 diabetes prevention: Eating this vegetable could help to lower blood sugar Longer leg length was also associated with a lower risk of diabetes, researchers said. Source: Read Full Article

Researchers find hormonal link between diet and obesity

In a new study researchers have found that low levels of a circulating hormone called adropin predict increased weight gain and metabolic dysregulation during consumption of a high-sugar diet in a nonhuman primate model. According to the study published in the ‘Journal of Biological Chemistry,’ these findings will help set the stage to develop new

Type 2 Diabetes through lifestyle change curable?

Life style changes allows for a waiver of medications for type 2 Diabetes While it was assumed until recently, that type needs to be treated with 2 Diabetes, a life-long with medications or Insulin. But in the meantime, it is known that you can get the disease without medicines in the handle. The metabolic disease

Natural Remedies For Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Type 2 Diabetes need not be inevitable. There are some natural remedies or treatments patients can take to prevent or mitigate Type 2 diabetes. Natural treatments often fall under two categories, namely, diet adjustments and lifestyle changes. Clear the body of toxins. When it comes to preventing Type 2 diabetes, it seems like the consensus