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‘I Did The Optavia Diet And Lost 55 Pounds’

My name is Lynnette Grimaud (@iamnettyyy), and I am 33 years old. I am from Edison, New Jersey, and I am a contracts and proposals manager. I wanted to be the healthiest I could be for my son, so I tried the Optavia diet and changed how I think about food. I always felt like

14 Ways To Lose Thigh Fat And Tone Your Legs

Let’s get something out of the way first: The idea of spot-reducing, or losing fat from specific parts of your body, is a myth. So there’s nothing you can do to spot-reduce fat on your thighs or legs in general, TBH. That’s because losing fat happens all over as you lose weight, and you don’t

Weight-Loss Surgery Lengthens Life Span, Study Shows

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 14, 2020 — Obesity is tied to premature death, but researchers have found that weight-loss surgery can add a few years to your life. In a study involving more than 4,000 obese people, those who had obesity, or bariatric, surgery lived three years longer on average than those who didn’t. But life expectancy

Keto diet may bring health benefits in short term: Study

The study, published in the journal Nature Metabolism, suggests that the keto diet could, over limited time periods, improve human health by lowering diabetes risk and inflammation. A ketogenic diet – which provides 99 per cent of calories from fat and protein — may produce health benefits in the short term, but negative effects after