DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: How swearing can help you beat pain

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: From chilli cream to swearing, how to beat pain without popping pills I have had loads of emails recently from readers asking me about pain, and how best to treat it. According to the British Pain Society, about 28 million people in the UK suffer from chronic pain, and the numbers just

Singer Peter Andre shares his vegan rice supper recipe

Could Peter Andre and wife Emily be next in line for their own cookery show? The pair seem to love getting creative with cuisine in the kitchen, with Peter sharing the couple’s latest creation: a yummy looking rice dish. Peter and family are going vegan for a week and the Mysterious Girl singer shared a

Gene expression pattern pinpoints high-risk colorectal cancer

A new technique could dramatically reduce the number of colorectal cancer patients who unnecessarily undergo major surgery to remove tumors, instead of a minimally invasive procedure. Biomedical scientist Xin Wang of City University of Hong Kong and colleagues have used machine learning to identify a gene expression pattern, or signature, associated with colorectal cancer spreading,

What everyone should know about cleft lip

After discussing actor Joaquin Phoenix’s appearance on her talk show earlier this month, Wendy Williams received near universal condemnation for mocking those affected with cleft lip—a common birth defect in which the upper lip does not form completely while still an embryo. To her credit, Williams was quick to apologize. Note that it is also

The antibiotic juice: the mixture works

Antibiotics-dry juices, properly prepared, is not easy. To hot, to much, to little or no water: If parents own juices to dissolve the Dry, are a lot of errors possible. Many pharmacists offer, therefore, is to demonstrate the correct preparation. In the case of the so-called dry juice, the manufacturer fills the antibiotic together with

Why eating yogurt may help lessen the risk of breast cancer

One of the causes of breast cancer may be inflammation triggered by harmful bacteria say researchers. Scientists say their idea- as yet unproven—is supported by the available evidence, which is that bacterial induced inflammation is linked to cancer. The paper in the journal Medical Hypotheses is by Lancaster University medical student Auday Marwaha, Professor Jim

Enter the adventure zone for your child’s birthday party

If your child loves adventure, here are some places you can take them to celebrate their birthday. By Ritika Jain If you’re scratching your head wondering where to host your kid’s next birthday party, here are a few options that will go down well with excitement-loving kiddos as well as giving a bang for your

A New Innovation in Natural Deodorant: Acids

Acid for your armpits? Connecticut-based dermatologist Alicia Zalkan says absolutely. She has commercialized a product she's calling Anti-Odorant under a new brand, Surface Deep, that use a 5 percent fruit-derived glycolic acid in order to block underarm odor from ever existing, she says. Anti-Odorant comes in individually wrapped pad form, and is used similarly to